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We still have open weekend dates in February and March. It's not too late to book Bulldog Media to film your wedding, party or special event.

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Wedding Video by Bulldog Media

Frequently asked questions about wedding video by Bulldog Media


What does the Bulldog Media wedding package include?

The Bulldog Media wedding package includes an initial consultation, filming clips of the wedding rehearsal, the wedding ceremony and reception, shooting scores (sometimes hundreds) of candid still photos and producing two copies of a one hour wedding movie combining these elements.

The package also includes the collection of still photos in a format you can review and share with family and friends.  In addition, the photo collection and video clips of your wedding will be available (usually the same weekend) on our facebook page (http://facebook.com/bulldogmedia).


What format is the finished video?

The finished video is available in wide screen or full screen DVD video format..


I lost my copy of the finished video.  Can I get another one?

Bulldog Media always retains a digital master copy of the finished video.  You can purchase additional copies of your wedding at any time for $15.00 each.


How does the process work; what do I need to do first?

When you have reviewed our work feel free to contact us either by phone at 317 372-3257 or by email at david@bulldogmedia.biz.  Verify that the date you have chosen is still available and we’ll set up a date and time for your initial consultation.

During your initial consultation we’ll discuss your choice of location: general layout of the church or other location, lighting requirements and anything else you think we should know.  You also can ask us any questions you may have about how your video will be produced and what it will look like.  We will exchange contact information so any last-minute questions/discussions can take place.  Our goal is for our crew to be as invisible as possible on your wedding day, to know what you want and to get it for you and to let you concentrate on the more important details of getting married.

In about three to five weeks we will present you with a lasting video record of the events surrounding your wedding in still and moving pictures.  It will be a story told from rehearsal evening to the last drive-away after the reception.


It looks like you shoot the ceremony from several angles; how many camerapersons attend the wedding?

We generally attempt to shoot from three different camera angles so we don’t miss any part of your wedding.  Sometimes a church or other location is simply too small and three angles is not feasible; usually we get at least two angles successfully.  Two camerapersons are available to capture your wedding and generally we use a third, discreetly placed stationary camera.


Are there any special lighting requirements?

We don’t introduce any distracting lighting sources and rely on capturing the magic of your wedding with the available lighting in the building.  If your wedding is outside the lighting is more than adequate and when inside we try to shoot from the best angles using the best combination of available natural and artificial light without adding the distraction of special lighting.  It also has been our experience that the Sony camera we use produces outstanding results even in low-light situations.


Will my wedding be shot in digital quality?

The events surrounding your wedding are shot entirely in digital format so as not to lose any of the crispness of the picture.  We use professional 3-CCD cameras such as the Sony VX2000.



Why do you shoot still pictures; isn’t that what a photographer does?

A still camera can capture moments in the events surrounding your wedding more quickly and spontaneously than the larger format video camera.  The wedding video tells a story containing various elements and to make natural bridges between elements we sometimes insert still photos related to the story.  These are not the sort of posed, staged pictures for which you’d pay a photographer.  These pictures, taken together, fill in the gaps and help to tell the complete story.

These pictures are presented either as a part of the DVD presentation or as a separate photo slide show CD.  In any case they also are presented for you to share with family and friends.


What is the cost of the Bulldog Media wedding package?

The cost of the Bulldog Media wedding video package is $1095.00.  During our initial consultation as you make the decision to proceed a $225.00 deposit is due.  The balance is due at least 7 days before the wedding date.  An additional travel allowance may be necessary depending upon the distance traveled. 


What do you mean by all-inclusive pricing?

The price you pay for the Bulldog Media wedding package includes everything you need to enjoy the story of your wedding weekend in video.  We shoot portions of the rehearsal, the entire ceremony from three different camera angles by two experienced camera operators and important parts of the reception.  These elements are blended into a one-hour video telling the story.

There are no additional costs for the second and third camera, for the additional camera operator or for showing up early and staying late.  How else would be tell the story of your wedding day?


Do you have time limits?  What if something is delayed and we don't start on time?

We have no time limits on your wedding day.  Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life.  We recognize that the time you spend preparing for your wedding and the day itself are important milestones and need to be treated with the highest priority.  Bulldog Media never double books a wedding weekend; we don't set time limits on our availability for your wedding.  We don't leave until you're ready to go.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards.


Do you require a deposit?

During our initial consultation as you make the decision to proceed a $225.00 deposit is due.  The balance is due at least 7 days before the wedding date.


Do you offer refunds?

The $225.00 deposit you make at our initial consultation holds your wedding date on our calendar.   Since we reserve your wedding weekend exclusively for you the deposit is non-refundable but you can apply the deposit (in case of, for example, a change in the wedding date) to a future wedding date, provided the date is available on our calendar. 


I don’t live in Indianapolis; can you still shoot my wedding?

We can film your wedding at no additional cost if the zip code of your wedding location is 60 miles or less from zip code 46214 according to http://www.mapquest.com.

If your zip code is 60.1 miles but less than 200 miles from zip code 46214, according to http://www.mapquest.com Bulldog Media can shoot your video with a $100.00 travel allowance added to the cost.

If you are located more than 200 miles from zip code 46214 we will have to make special arrangements and negotiate specific travel terms as the need arises.


Who owns the copyright to the finished video; can I share the images with family and friends?

The copyright of all video produced by Bulldog Media, Inc. is owned by Bulldog Media but you are the exclusive licensee.  As such you may decide who is entitled to purchase any additional copies.  You are welcome to freely share the still images with your family and friends as you deem appropriate.