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We still have open weekend dates in February and March. It's not too late to book Bulldog Media to film your wedding, party or special event.

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Bulldog Media is a family-owned visual media business headed by David Cooper. Since 2001 we have been telling stories and bringing people together by means of visual communication.

At heart, we are story tellers. Whether you're getting married, you're hosting a class reunion or you own a business and want to encourage customers to visit you, you have an essential story to tell.

We capture the critical elements and spin your story in stunning digital video.

Wedding Video by Bulldog Media


If you're getting married, the story of your wedding day is one you'll want to relive and retell for years to come.

Bulldog Media uses professional 3-CCD cameras and your wedding will be shot from 3 angles by two experienced camerapersons. We don't place time limits on your ceremony or reception--we're not finished until you drive away.

Bulldog Media in Ministry


It started years ago with an overhead slide projector and a pull-down screen. As a pastor or worship leader you found you could capture and keep people's attention and focus on the message.

Now, however,so many new visual technologies abound that can help you take the message even further. You can tap into a few of them and "by all means might save some."